Meagan was born in Panorama City, California.

(Bio continued below)
Born: August 8th, 1981
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Full Name: Meagan Monique Good

Credit for this portion of the bio goes to: Meagan-Is-Good Yahoo Groups

*She grew up in: Valencia, California, USA

*Residence: L.A., California, USA

*Horoscope: Leo

*Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

*Siblings: 2 Sisters(La'Myia and Lexus) and a Brother.

*Ethinicity: Black, Indian(Cherokee), French, and Puerto Rican

*Favorite Color: Purple

*Fav. Food: Yams and Seafood

*Favorite Music artists: Aaliyah, Isyss, No Doubt, Gods Smack,
Linkin Park, White Snail, and Worn. She enjoys a lot of older
rock music.

*Hobbies: Writing plays(hopes to direct her own movie, enjoys
making drama-based storylines because she believes they show her
true talent), attending church, shopping, reading the Bible,
community work, goes to movies and coffee shops, kickboxing,
dancing, rapping(we may hear her one day), and chilling with her
family and friends.

*She admires: Charlize Theron, Halle Berry(because she turned
roles that weren't made for her, for her.), Angelina Jolie, John
Travolta, Kevin Spacey, and Paula Jai Parker

*Fitness Plan: kickboxing, dancing, a low-fat diet, and tons of water

*Essence Atkins admitted to staring at Meagan obsessively on the
set of 'Deliver us From Eva' because of her skin tone, physical
petitness, natural beauty, and high cheek bones.

*Near her residence there are mountains and she would usually go
hiking on them.

*Resides in an apartment with her sis La'Myia

*Fav. Subject in school: Art

*Least Fav. subject: Math

*Dijon Talton, Morgan(her look-alike), Yasmine Hussein, are
cousins of hers in the business.

*When Meagan was a little girl, she would play a terrified woman
escaping from a killer, and she would fall down the stairs,
pretend to break her legs, and slide across the floor to get away.

*Fredro Starr asked her out and she turned him down.

*Had to drop from 'My wife and Kids' because she had a lot of movie
offers...Brooklyn Sudano replaced her as Vanessa.  Some people
say this kind of screwed up the show.

*She likes big cars...and she drives big cars.

*She used to be a dancer, studying coordinated moves.

*Her sister La'Myia also designs clothes and Meagan models them.

*Earned a NAACP Image award for her outstanding performance in
"Eve's Bayou"

*Was a close friend of the belated Merlin Santana

*Wore metal braces in her teen years, but she is still wearing
braces-they are the clear braces.

*She likes Smackers, M.A.C lip gloss (grape and caramel), and
shimerry make-up...she loves make-up...

*The proper way to spell her name is MEAGAN MONIQUE GOOD!

*Started acting at the tender age of 4, she quit for a year and got
back in the biz.

*Meagan likes to go to clubs with her sister especially.

*LL' Cool J nicknamed her 'Killer' because she makes men run

*Meagan's first commercial she had to skate and didn't know how to.

*She has a custom made GMC Envoy that she had molded to look like an
Escalde. She said the Escalades are too big for her.


1. Cookout, The (2004)....Brittany
2. D.E.B.S. (2004).... Max
3. You Got Served (2004) .... Beautifull
4. Ride Or Die (2003) .... Venus
5. Deliver Us from Eva (2003) .... Jacqui
6. Biker Boyz (2003) .... Tina
7. House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute (2001) .... Tina
8. 3 Strikes (2000) .... Buela
9. Secret Life of Girls, The (1999) .... Kay
10.Eve's Bayou (1997) .... Cisely Batiste
11.Make a Wish, Molly (1995) .... Jenny
12.Friday (1995) .... Kid #2
13.House Party 3 (1994) .... Extra

T.V. Specials:

1.Teen Summit (B.E.T) as herself
2.BET Tonight (B.E.T) as herself
3.Oh Drama (B.E.T) as herself 2001
4.NYLA (B.E.T) as herself
5.Behind the Scene: Biker Boyz ( E!) as herself
6.Biker Boyz Monday Special (UPN)as herself
7.MTV's "The Morning Show"

T.V. Shows:

1."My Wife and Kids" (2001)  playing "Vanessa" in episodes:
"Graduation: Part 1",  "Graduation: Part 2", "Here Comes Da Judge", "Jr.'s Risky
Business: Part 1" , "Jr.'s Risky Business: Part 2"

2."Famous Jett Jackson, The" (1998) playing "Tara Essex" in
episodes:"Awakenings 1", "Awakenings 2"

3."Division, The" (2001) playing "Kara Taylor" in episode: "The Parent

4."Steve Harvey Show, The" (1996) playing "Alicia" in episode: "Don't
Stand Too Close to Me"

5."Moesha" (1996) playing "Nicole" in episode: "He Doth Protest Too

6."Parent 'Hood, The" (1995) playing "Ariana" in episodes: "Flaked
Out", "No Soul on Ice"

7."Gregory Hines Show, The" (1997) playing "Pauley" in episode:
"Three's Not Company"

8."Touched by an Angel" (1994) playing "Nikki" in episode: "The Pact"

9."Pacific Blue" (1995) playing "Shalona James" in episode: "Blood for

10."On Our Own" (1994) playing "Traycee" in episode: "Swiss Family

11."Raising Dad" (2001) TV Series .... Katie

12."Jersey, The" (1999) TV Series .... Tamika

13."Cousin Skeeter" (1998) TV Series .... Nina

14."Just One of the Girls" (1997) TV Series .... Starkeesha

15. "Figure It Out" (1997) TV Series .... Herself/panelis